Travel Design

As you have probably noticed from our blog posts, there is a lot that goes into creating your ideal vacation because let’s face it, no one wants to waste valuable vacation time researching where to stay, what to do, see, and where to eat. And let’s not forget how long it takes to plan your transportation routes in foreign countries where English may not even be widely used.

We know how it goes. You sit down and expect to spend about an hour putting it all together. All of a sudden you look at the clock 5 hours later and realize you have fallen down the rabbit hole of review sites and blogs. You have all the ideas but nothing solidified. You start to feel overwhelmed with the ‘tricks’ and ‘hacks’ that everyone is dishing out. Oh yes, we are familiar with these feelings. Listen, travel planning takes time. A lot of time! Planning a 7 day trip takes an average of 35 hours.

Enter Celeste & Co. We have spent the majority of our lives traveling Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. We have personal experience in navigating over 30 countries. Let us help you maximize your adventure. 

We can create a custom daily travel plan for your entire trip, assist with flight, hotel and restaurant recommendations, book your activities and tours, provide unlimited correspondence before your trip commences and assist with reservations.

No trip is too small. We’d love to help! Let’s plan a virtual coffee date to chat about your next adventure.